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Latest Information Management White Papers

The Need for Vulnerability Management

OnDemand Security

Date: 18/02/08

Company: Qualys

The Need for Vulnerability Management Download now

The email management crisis

New Research on Seven Critical Email Management Problems

Date: 11/02/08

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Delivering Competitive Advantage by Accelerating IT

Discover the business value of integrating SOA and BPM strategies

Date: 23/01/08

Company: SAP

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Best practices in building an integrated information management strategy

Find your way, follow these vital stepping-stones to a successful information management strategy

Date: 30/11/07

Company: SAP

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Digital collaboration: connecting people and information

Businesses need to push forward

Date: 22/11/07

Company: Avanade

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Open path

Communication for the open minded

Date: 15/10/07

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The necessity of policy management

The benefits of Netconsent

Date: 02/10/07

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Business Process Agility: The Next ERP Imperative

Looking forward

Date: 28/09/07

Company: IDC

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HP Integrity Essentials

A laundry list of tools to manage your HP servers on Windows, HP-UX 11i, Linux and OpenVMS.

Date: 06/08/07

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In Depth
How M&A teams can create value by challenging the CEO

How M&A teams can create value by challenging the CEO

A typical “hold” period of nine to 18 months can generate increased sale value more ..

In Depth
What every company needs to do about big data?

What every company needs to do about big data?

In the first of a three part series, Pat Brans explores just how big 'big data' will get? more ..